ADAMAS Exclusive

ADAMAS Exclusive is about imagining, dreaming and creating, to give shape to a unique kind of jewellery. Our inspiration is driven by the rich cultures, art and architecture from around the world along with the beautiful flora and fauna.

Each of our designs goes through a strict quality control, as we believe in the utmost quality. Our jewellery is lightweight and functional, and adds elegance to any occasion. These luxurious jewels could really be just what you need!

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Just as the names suggests, it’s our line of everyday wear jewellery. It’s the little details that matter. Inspired by the femininity and the strength of women, our collections have a common element of modern classics with an eternally glamorous aesthetic. Each of our collection has a wide range for jewels that a woman requires to simplify or enhance her look. The range mainly includes rings, earrings & pendants.


Amour is a heart for your beloved. The symbol of love, Heart is one of the most celebrated jewellery designs of all time.

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Le Jardin

A collection inspired by the rich flora and fauna of the enchanted gardens.

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Waves is a collection dedicated to the motion of the mighty waves in the ocean.

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A hidden connection is stronger than the obvious one. Our collection is hiding this bond of connected diamonds giving it a larger than life illusion.

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When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with a person; you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. Propose to her with our amazing collection of rings from “ADAMAS Bridals”

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