Chiraag Mehta

Chiraag Mehta, the CEO of the organization, leads the company by example. He has had a very long and successful academic career; he graduated from the University of Virginia, USA in May 2005, with Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science.

After graduation Chiraag learned jewellery manufacturing for a year at one of the industries leading companies. He worked as an apprentice, and learnt the functioning of each department, bench working on the jewellery pieces himself. The training he received has helped build a rock solid foundation for the company.

The company will be inspired by Chiraag's ambitious nature and will hope to be a leading force of the jewellery industry in the years to come.

Namita Mehta

Namita Mehta had her professional training, at the Gemological Institute of America, Carlsbad, California, in 2006 where she graduated top of her class. It was that intense exposure to art and design that got her addicted to pursue this line further more.

Raised amongst jewellers and diamond merchants my love for jewellery started at a very young age. After graduating from Jai Hind College, I decided to pursue my passion for design. With several years of professional education from Designing, Jewelry Business Management to Diamond Grading.

I am truly driven by the sheer process of creating and bringing a piece of art to life. For me jewellery is not just gold and diamonds, it’s an expression of your personality.


Adamas Jewellery was set up to vertically integrate the pipeline from rough and polished diamonds to finished jewellery. Adamas Jewellery is a privately owned company founded by the owners of Precigem, a family based business that has been operational in the diamond business for over 35 years.

The planning for Adamas Jewellery was started late in 2006 and was officially launched in March 2007. We manufacture finished fine diamond jewellery. We promise jewellery with consistent, good-quality finishing at competitive prices. Professionalism, innovative designs and expert customer relations are the operational keywords at our organization.


We at Adamas Jewellery aim to grow and establish ourselves firmly in the fast evolving jewellery industry. Having a base in the hub of the jewellery industry will help us achieve this goal.

We are committed towards keeping our customers satisfied, and we ask the same commitment from our suppliers. Our team consists of more than just our management and staff; we strive to make our customers and suppliers a part of our team.

We aim to be one of the first to develop and incorporate new technology, create unique and innovative designs, to create friendly customer relations and to treat every order as our first sale. We will aim to create successful business partnerships, and build strong friendly relationships. Our mission, "We will aspire to do our work with utmost commitment, loyalty, passion and integrity."